Tuesday, May 29


People I meet in my day job are often surprised to learn my wife and I raise and show goats.  There's a pretty strong negative stereotype associated with goats.  I can assure you it's all wrong, at least for our goats.

Goats are very intelligent animals.  As with other domesticated animals they are a product of their handling and care.  Our goats happen to be very well cared for and as a result are healthy and affectionate creatures.  Our goats, for the most part, love to be around people and seek out human contact to have that hard to reach spot scratched or to lean against.  There are a few stubborn individuals that don't but they each have their own personality.

We show the goats as a part of a marketing plan to get exposure and spread our name.  For those not initiated in livestock showing the point of showing, besides it being fun, is to demonstrate the quality of the genetics of your animals.  The payback comes from the intrinsic value of the animal or it's offspring.  Just like with other products the laws of supply and demand come in the play.  We control the supply through our breeding program and hopefully create the demand with success in the show ring.

I was updating our Harmony Hill Boer Goats website with the latest photos and I was struck by the progression, growth, and beauty of our not-so-little buck, Harmony Hill Gunslinger.  Check out the growth from show to show:

May 2011

July 2011

October 2011

May 2012

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He's stout!