Sunday, June 26

Ahh! .... AHHHH!

I was weed eating a fence line I hadn't trimmed in a while.  I was watching closely for some poison ivy I didn't want to trim and fling all over me when a mouse darted out of the brush and startled me.  It was then immediately followed by a black snake striking and wrapping it up.

Over the hum of the trimmer engine I believe I sounded something like the title of the post!


Teresa said...

That's nature! Be glad the little mouse didn't run up your leg for protection!

John Gray said...

if I saw a snake.. I would be running for the hills!

The Hunts said...

what a cool pic. Hope he wasnt poisonous. Are u interested in attending a Merkel reunion on september 15th?? Email me it is a 15 year reunion


Nance said...

OMGosh. How did you manage to react to first, a mouse, then a snake . . .and still be able to take the photo and write about it?