Tuesday, February 1



I was just saying how the Explorer seems to do quite well in the snow.  It hadn't seen anything like this before though.  Luckily I made it all the way home to the end of the drive before I became stuck.  The photo above is the snow up over the bottom edge of the Explorer, I had to push snow out of the way to get out and immediately sunk up over my thighs in the drift that is our driveway.

I think a conservative estimate of our snow accumulation would be 18 to 20" with drifts well over 2 to 3 feet.  The goats aren't going to get out in snow that deep so Jennifer and Kyle spent the day moving water tanks and heaters into their barns.  Trudging around in this stuff is not easy, I had to stop three or four times to catch my breath on the 1/4 mile walk up the drive (hey, I was carrying a bag full of clothes in case I got stranded plus my laptop case and some paperwork).  Moving from barn to barn carrying bales of hay or pales of water wasn't a picnic either.

I'll try to take some photos tomorrow.  When you're not working it in or avoiding other cars on the road it's actually quite pretty.