Sunday, January 16

Some new photos

 I hadn't taken any photos around the farm lately.  I never seem to devote time to lugging the camera around and cell-phone camera images just don't cut it for me most of the time.  I went out midday today and snapped a few shots:

Molly is one of our 4 LGDs (livestock guard dogs).  She's getting a little face rubbing action in this photo.

I walked out to the front pasture and of course was greated by Bear.  After some attention he went back to work.  Here he is on the look-out.

Bulldog, one of our wethers from the 2010 fall kidding season, was curious about the camera I was carrying around.  I finally got him to hold still long enough and stay far enough away that I could get a photo of him in focus.  He's quite the little man and is destined for the show ring.

I moved to the Nubian pasture where Jack was on patrol.  Good old reliable Jack-Jack keeps the dariy goats safe 24/7.

In the Nubian pasture everyone was crowding around to see, smell, or get a nibble of the curious device around my neck.  I snapped this one shooting almost directly into the sun with Harmony between me and the sky.  I rather like this shot.


Teresa said...

That last picture is great! Isn't it fun to get far enough away to have more than just a close up of a nose or eye? They love their attention so much. I wish my Great Pyrenees was not such a freak and more of a, well, a guard dog...

Duane Keys said...


They are so curious. I like to think they're offering to help me but first they must taste everything to make sure it's ok for me to use. said...

I love your Pyrenees dogs. Funny how you love over there but have the dog from round here.