Tuesday, September 28

Show line up

This summer flew by.  I have been taking snapshots throughout the summer with the intent on blogging about goings-on but more activities have been going on and cutting into the time and energy that's usually reserved for blogging. I'll be parsing through the photos over the next few days to catch everyone up and to try to get back into a routine of updating this thing.

The photo above was taken at the Ozark Empire Fair.  The three goats on the left are ours and they took 3rd and 4th out of a class of 14, which we were very happy with.  Princess (on the far left) placed 3rd.  I got a laugh when watching the line up because she was the only goat chewing her cud.  For the uninitiated, cud chewing is a sign of contentment and relaxation.  All the other goats were more high strung and stimulated by the strange things going on around them.  Not princess... she just stood there with this non-nonchalant "are we done yet" attitude.  Apparently others noticed this as well as one guy said on the way out she was the only "bomb-proof" doe out there, and tried to buy her.  Jennifer promptly responded there wasn't a check big enough to buy her.  Princess is Jennifer's baby, in fact one of our first bottle babies we ever raised.

At the fair we had a chance to socialize with the other goat breeders and do a bit of networking which was pretty fun.  We met some really great folks.  That being said, we still thought it better to keep an eye out on the goats overnight so I decided to stay at the fair and slept on a cot in the goat/sheep barn.  That was definitely a one of a kind experience for me.  Mostly I remember how hot it was, even late into the night with box fans strategically placed around me.

In other news, we've had another WWOOF volunteer with us for the past few weeks and the next few more.  It's been great having Carrie around and I think we're learning from her as much (if not more) than she is from us.  Carrie is planning a trek cross-country and is taking a break from school where she studied like two dozen subjects she likes to boil down to just "history."  She's extended her original plan to stay with us through part of our kidding season.  We're all excited to see some new arrivals!