Sunday, July 18

Still Kicking

The summer has been a busy one, sorry for the lack of blogging updates.  I recieved an update on the previously mentioned WWOOFers and link to their blog, WWOOFing Green Summer 2010.  Ken and Amiee are pictured in the photo above.

The heat in our neck of the Ozarks has been stifling for the past few weeks.  I felt like I had jumped in a warm lake with my clothes on just doing chores this morning, not exactly a challenging physical feat.  What is a challenging physical feat, however, is cycling across the country.  Our next set of WWOOFers and new friends Melissa and Brooke passed through our area last week on their way westward.  Apparently our town of Walnut Grove is located near the TransAmerican trail for biking across the country.  I always wondered why there were so many cyclist on Hwy BB, a very hilly and narrow road near our home.  

In any case I think Brooke was ready to sell the bikes and take up goat ranching with us.  In the end they decided to continue on their adventure across the country.  They are chronicling their journey on their blog The Road Beneath Us.  It's always funny to see people's reaction to goats for the first time as their is such a negative stereotype surrounding goats.
Jennifer is a “goat lady”. A self-proclaimed and awesome goat lady. When Melissa and I rolled our bikes up to Harmony Hill, she was in the pasture, with her goats. Immediately she began introducing us to “the ladies”. She pointed to one and said, “that’s Etsu. Come here, Etsu.” She just hithered a goat. I had my doubts. I’ve never been around goats and thought to myself, there is no way that goat is coming over here. And then it stood up, and waltzed it’s way over to Jennifer. All these goats know there names! They are smart and extremely lovable, too.
We're hoping they "land" some place cool when they finish their ride so we can for a visit.  If not they can both return and lend a hand at milking.  They both need a little practice though. :)