Tuesday, May 11

Lost dog

It's been four days since we last saw Gelleon, and I'm starting to loose hope that he'll come back.  He always had a bad habbit for sneaking off the farm, but he usually came home within a few hours.  He's never met a stranger and anyone willing to acknowledge him was instantly his best friend.

I never knew exactly where he went or why, some of our neighbors had reported seeing him in the past but it was never that far away.  This time though I'm afraid he has gone to far.  I like to think that some family found him and decided to keep him since he's so friendly and love-able and he always managed to loose his collar but I'm sick to think what else could have happened to him.

Another neighbor told us that someone else recently lost a dog, that it was just gone one day.  Someone else in the community told us a sickening rumor that some local punks were shooting "stray" dogs.  If I ever learned who these future serial killers might be....  I'm not sure I would be able to contain my needs for justice.

I keep hoping that he'll return home.  I miss my boy.

Update: Gelleon is home, safe, and healthy.  The story of his absence and return is complicated and unpleasant, however.  Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and positive thoughts!


Melodie said...

Oh ,I do hope he comes home..it is so hard to loose a beloved pet..

polly's path said...

oh, no, you know you have all kinds of good thoughts coming your way from me. I hope he returns very soon. I can't even read the line about the punks-my currently missing cat Templeton was shot several years ago by the same kind of punks in the stomach and almost didn't make it.
I am keeping my fingers crossed. Sweet puppy.

Teresa said...

I hope you have success finding your dog. I can't imagine how worried you must be. I'll continue sending my hopeful thoughts.

Duane Keys said...

Thank you all for the positive thoughts and comments. I really did appreciate it, and Gelleon is safe and sound!

Window On The Prairie said...

I lost a dog once. She was gone for 2 weeks, and then came back. Don't have a clue where she went, but was very glad to have her back.

Ozarkhomesteader said...

I'm so glad Gelleon is home safe and sound but wish the story were not complicated.

marissa said...

i hope u find ur pet. bless u and ur dog! ;) and good luck


I'm so glad Gelleon made it home...mabe he will not wander so far again. He looks like a wonderful pal.

Best regards,