Sunday, May 2

Less blogging, more doing

When the weather gets nice it's hard for me to carve out time to write blog posts, but I know I'll be sorry if I don't attempt to document progress as we go along.  I took this photo from the deck while I relaxed for a brief moment.  The backfilling is complete though we still have a pile of excess sand.  The guy that was doing our dirt work said sand is too expensive just to spread around and I should try to find a use for it.  It just so happens I'll be building some walk way soon so I'll try to use it then.

You can see the completed green house in the photo, our new goose-neck trailer for hauling goats around, the F350 for pulling said trailer and other trailers, the new barn, our trusty explorer, the pedal car, and one of our portable goat barns (that is still half-painted).

The greenhouse is working great, we've sold quite a few heirloom tomato plants with an ad on craigslist.  The only thing I'm not happy with in the greenhouse is the thermostat.  It seems to turn the fans on at the right temperature but it will never shut them off even when the ambient temperature cools below the on point.  I think the amount of current that I am drawing through the thermostat is too much. It's a simple attic-fan thermostat and it seems to be generating it's own heat which throws off the measurement.  I need to find something better and soon.

The horse trailer was a recent acquisition.  Jennifer did some trading and we got rid of a cargo trailer that we hadn't used for over a year.  Now we have our own trailer to haul the goats around and don't have to bother the neighbors.  The week Jennifer bought it she took 3 of our goats to a two-day goat show in Sedalia, MO.  She won three second place ribbons and one first place ribbon.  I hope to go with her in the near future to a show and help out.

The barn now has it's sand floor and I've already started on the inside.  I wired up exterior lighting this weekend and this week (after work) I plan on sinking posts for the hay "deck."  We will use one corner of the barn to store hay but I don't want to mess with pallets to store the hay on and keep it off the ground so I'll build a deck of sorts to have a nice level surface to tightly pack square bales.  In another corner of the barn we'll pour a concrete pad for a feed room.  I also plan on visiting the habitat for humanity "reStore" to see if I can find some inexpensive lights to put to use in the barn.

All and all there's quite a bit of progress shaping up.  I was telling a friend the other day that we finally have the infrastructure in place to make chores fast and projects easier...  Things like having power in all the outbuildings removes a huge psychological barrier for me such that I can get started and finish projects much quicker.


Teresa said...

I am impressed with the progress. I would love to be able to move animals around without relying on someone else. Then I'd have to learn how to drive pulling a trailer. Maybe I'll keep borrowing! Sounds like the goats did well at the show. Good job.

polly's path said...

you have so much going on!
I feel the same way about blogging during the summer-too much to do, but I would regret it(and forget it!) if i don't document it.

John Gray said...

just caught your blog
v good

Ozarkhomesteader said...

Wow, you really have things coming together!

Like Polly, I feel the same way about blogging but know that now is the time to inspire. In another week or so, though, my off-homestead schedule will let up a bit, and then in another month it'll let up a lot. I just keep my eyes pointed toward those days.

John Gray said...

try and blog more
its interesting for the rest of us!!

Duane Keys said...

Teresa, thanks, we're enjoying the progress. In all honesty, my wife taught me to pull and back the trailer! I used to pull it places then get out and have her back it in, but I've since acquired that skill.

Polly, I'm doing my best to at least get one in a week, we'll see.

John, thanks for stopping in and announcing yourself. More bloggin' on the way.

Ohm, indeed. :)