Thursday, April 15

More recycled pallet goodness

I winged together a table made from the 12' pallets I've mentioned before (first was kidding stalls from recycled pallets, then shelves out of recycled pallets for starting seeds).  I have quite a few pallets left and access to more, I plan on lining most of the walls of our 48' greenhouse with these tables to keep the plants off the floor and provide working surfaces.  I think the fact that they have slats will work well for draining away excess water.

As soon as it's all presentable I'll do a full write up on the greenhouse.  It's been a long time coming.  I mentioned acquiring the parts for the greenhouse in early 2008.  The level pad for the greenhouse didn't get created until late 2008.  In 2009 I talked a buddy into welding the greenhouse hoops to the posts I had driven.  It's now approaching mid 2010 and I might actually call it complete.  I guess I just really need to hang the door to call the structure done, but now all the fun of it's operation begins.  It just shows that persistence pays off!


polly's path said...

Duane, we really need to check your family tree. I do believe you and my husband are related.
The man has built dog houses, fences, goat pens, goat houses, a goat trailer,picture frames, and I don't know what else out of pallets. Now that I think about it, I oughtta go out there and take some pictures of all of his pallet projects. We love to repurpose wood. He tears down old barns and houses and uses the heart pine to build things, too, but more special-like our floor, and my china cabinet.

Duane Keys said...

I'm just now getting good at the framing and rough construction, haven't delved into the finer woodworking.

I would love to see your projects, especially the floor. Tell us more about that!

Teresa said...

It is wonderful to see such a large project finally come to its completion, or is it the beginning of your adventures?

Duane Keys said...

Oh, it's just the beginning of a long learning process!