Monday, April 19

LGD Update

The vote is unanimous: Jack is worth his weight in gold!  He's surely kept the coyote's at bay each night by responding to their yipping with his low rumble of a bark.  He's also chased off a fox on a couple different occasions. We've had to divide the herd into three different groups due to various feeding and breeding requirements.  Unfortunately that means Jack's presence and protection of the herd is divided by gates.

His most recent action came this last weekend when we heard a ruckus with the chickens.  I watched in shock as a fox scattered the flock of chickens in the pasture.  The commotion did not go unnoticed by Jack, he was throwing a fit on the other side of the gate.  I ran as fast as I could to let him through but by the time I landed off the deck Jack was already on the other side of the gate.  I'm still not sure how he scaled it but he did and he gave quick chase to the fox.

We praised him for doing a good job, of course.  It seemed like the chickens appreciated it as well, I swear they're usual "cluck cluck cluck" noises were interspersed with "Jack Jack Jack."


Melodie said...

I dream of a good dog like that!

polly's path said...

Can I have him??
You have got yourself a priceless dog, for sure.
One of these days (many years from now) when my 3 rescues join our old Mojo in doggie heaven, I will get a LGD. I can only hope he is just like Jack.

Teresa said...

There is no way to replace a good farm dog--he's definitely a keeper! Did he get an extra doggie treat?

Duane Keys said...

Melodie, we were so worried we would get a problem dog, but we've turned out to be extremely lucky!

Polly, no way! :) We have 4 rescues that have the run of the house (and the rest of the yard or non-pasture part of our farm. We didn't know if the logistics of having four house dogs would work with a working dog, but so far it's great. Jack doesn't want to be anywhere other than with the herd.

Teresa, indeed! Plus many more hugs and ear scratchings!

Ozarkhomesteader said...

Good dog, Jack!