Sunday, April 4

I bought this little mix/max thermometer from Hummert to satisfy my curiousity on the temperature swings in the greenhouse. This photo above was taken this morning. The overnight low according to NOAA was in the mid forties and the greenhouse only got down into the mid fifties even with no doors and large openings where the fans should be mounted.

I was only able to make a litte progress on the rest of the greenhouse list today. There were too many other priorities today to tackle first. My cousin Aaron and I had some fence to build and a gate to install. The new barn has a loafing shed off one end that opens to our east pasture so we cut the fence there to allow access for the goats. This was a good time to add a much needed drive through gate. The position on the existing gates where poorly chosen I learned after some time. Oh well, live and learn.

I plan on documenting the temperatures each day (min and max of the greenhouse as well as the rest of the local environment) in a spreadsheet. Eventually I'd like to have this done by some sort of automated system. The data should help me determine impact of various changes. For example I plan on lining the north wall with black drums of water as a large thermal mass to level off the temperature drops at night. I have a feeling the rock base is already providing some of that benefit now, as well as providing good drainage.


Teresa said...

I think gates are always been planned for about a year after you put them in. At least in my experience.

polly's path said...

I don't know if it's just my old computer, but i can't read your posts since you changed backgrounds.

Duane Keys said...

Polly, oh no! What browser (name and version) are you using?