Wednesday, April 7

Heat wave

Wow, our farm projects are dragging on but there's a solid chance the barn will be complete THIS weekend, and the greenhouse will be completely functional.  There's still no doors on the greenhouse and it's getting over 100 degrees during the day, today the thermometer maxed out past the 120 degree mark.  I'm not so sure about the accuracy of this thermometer, but it is indeed noticeably hotter in the greenhouse than the 80's we've been experiencing. At night, with the doors open it's been consitently 10 to 15 degrees warmer in the greenhouse.  If I can get the exhaust fans going this weekend I think I can keep the temperature at a productive level.  Before fall comes I can add the additional heat storage in the form of 55 gallon drums of water.

Today I had to leave work early to take care of some construction missteps.  The first and most pressing was running new buried cable to the well house from the pole.  Our dirt work guy accidentally cut one leg of the 220 volt line.  It wasn't buried very deep by the previous homeowners and he was just doing some finish work for us on top of the soil, so I can't really blame him.  Running water is a very important thing on a farm with animals, they simply cannot be without.

The second semi emergency was patching where some nicks were created in the new buried power lines going to the barn (and by this weekend, the greenhouse).  We started this project back in January when the trenching was done.  We laid in the power and water but had to quickly cover the water lines to avoid a freeze that was coming, which meant burying the cable, and the water before it was run to it's final destination.  When we started the project back up they had to dig to find the water line and the cable, and in the process put some gashes in the heavy duty 100 amp cable.  We're going to have the line buried for the last time in the next few days but we had to repair the gashes before then.


polly's path said...

ok, you are talking to a definite non-tech person here, but with your instruction I report to you that I do indeed have Internet Explorer version 6.0.2900.5512 xpsp and so forth.
Does that tell you anything?
I see your background, but can't read the text. Anyway, thanks.
Like I said, my computer is old.At least 3 yrs.

Teresa said...

It seems like the water and electricity work is never done. Those will be good projects to have completed. My water project is now on hold until tiling and planting season is done.

polly's path said...



I am SO updated now!!!!!

Duane Keys said...

Good news, Polly! :)