Wednesday, April 14

Goat feeding

I mentioned before we are scheming a better way to feed the goats where the feeding person can stay on one side of a fence and have all the goats get access to the feed simultaneously. Why this is important is demonstrated in the following video.  Before you watch, a couple things to keep in mind:
  • The barn in the background was the only barn close to usuable for animals when we bought the place.  It was originally a shed style barn (closed on three sides open on one).
  • My wife has a proven history of buying animals first then giving me an extremely tight deadline in which to construct adequate shelter for them (usually before impending weather, etc).  Other examples of hastily built things to solve animal related "challenges" include:
    • My post "fowl play" which led to, "Poultry Housing,"
    • Acquiring horses (which we have since sold) lead to modifying the previously mentioned barn with a hay bunk
    • Our first kidding season brought the need to close up the barn in the background (rapidly), I mentioned this need in a post titled "Kids!"
  • Frugality is a necessity on the farm; you make due with what you have.
  • This is on the "back side" of our property, and can't be seen from the road
  • I will be taking this hodge-podge of materials down and doing it "right" before this winter.
The point I'm trying to make is, I know the barn in the background is ugly, and someday soon I'll fix it right.  For now it works.  We try very hard to keep our place tidy and neat and I'm always embarrassed by the sight of this barn.  I don't want to enforce the stereotype that goats, and people with goats, have to be dirty and have an unkempt place.

That said, enjoy the video of my feeding of the goats.  Notice I start with a slight juke towards the far feeders before dumping in the near one and I've perfected the spin move out of traffic (twice in this feeding)!  This was actually a pretty tame feeding.  Jennifer and I have managed not to fall down (yet) during such a feeding, but I'd like to avoid it by building that system I mentioned before (if I can figure out how it was built).


karl said...

good luck with you feeding invention.

Melodie said...

One good goatie karate kick and you could go down and not be seen again until every scrap of grain is gone!