Sunday, April 25

Farmer's markets

I created a little calendar widget that lists farmer's markets near me (or somewhere close to my daily weekday commute).  It looks like I can get fresh local food nearly every day of the week.  Sunday and Monday don't have a local market scheduled but having one every other day of the week should cut down on my excuses for not buying locally grown veggies (when we don't have our own) and locally raised meat.


Teresa said...

That will be really nice. Nothing beats fresh.

polly's path said...

I love farmer's market. Ours here is once a week during the summer and fall, twice a week on the first week of the month, and once a month during the colder months.
It is a fairly new concept in our area, and still working out the kinks. Like, saying no to the woman who sells chemical-filled boxed mixes from something called "Simple..something". Or "Tastefully simple".

Ole said...

Don't forget us on Commercial Street Duane!