Monday, March 15

Rural Overcrowding

It never fails that my plans will need adjusting no matter how well intentioned.  This hastily shot camera-phone photo shows some of the tomatoes in their 4" pots.  Jennifer and a friend of hers transplanted several dozen into the large pots to allow them continued growth.  By now I expected to have the greenhouse done and thus have a place for all the plants as they were potted up.  I'm oh-so close to wrapping the greenhouse in it's plastic but I can't seem to string enough days off, good weather, and help together.  In the meantime I'm doing the tomato plant shuffle twice a day.  You see under each pair of shop lights I can light 288 seedlings when they're in the little 6-pack cells.  In the same space I can only fit 75 4" pots so that means one group is getting light while the other isn't.  I guess that's ok from the plant growth perspective, I'm sort of simulating day and night, but it sure is a bunch of work moving 1000 plants around twice a day!


polly's path said...

that is A LOT of plants.
My seedlings are all getting sort of leggy, but luckily if they don't look too good next week when i planned on putting them in the ground we have a plant sale at the college, so I may end up buying some.

Footsteps NZ-TZ said...

I'm a nurseryman and shifting plants is a lot of work. I don't know the climate there, but suspect it is very cold at night.
No advice from me, just encouragement because we need people who try (and succeed)in growing things. Good luck

Ozarkhomesteader said...

I did not get my mini-greenhouse reconstructed before my surgery and am now kicking myself (or I would be if I could move my leg that way now.). My tomato seedlings have been on the porch, where they get plenty of sun, but the dropping temps have completely stunted their growth. Since some areas of northwest of here got substantial snow and we're expecting mighty chilly temps, my wonderful husband moved all of my seedlings in today, all while I was sleeping. I just keep thinking: hey, at least it only about a hundred! And I'm happy I didn't start most of my peppers yet.

Hang in there! Our thoughts are with you.

polly's path said...

it sure does look like the one you built, Duane!!
I think my hubby used the plans on goatworld too and modified to fit our needs better.

Duane Keys said...

Polly, it is a lot of plants. We plan on selling some if they survive me moving them all about.

Footsteps, thanks for stopping by and wishing me luck!

Ozarkhomesteader, send your husband down to lend a hand, will ya? :)