Tuesday, March 30

End of the Daily Shuffle

The plants survived the daily shuffle.  I was up to the point of three different "shifts" of plants under the lights, plus I had some tomato plants that grew so big that they could no longer fit under my lights.  The greenhouse is painfully close to completion (crossing my fingers for this weekend) but the weather has warmed up enough the plants can all stay outside (at least for the next few days).  Jennifer placed them all on the deck and put up the shade cloth to protect them from the full sun until they've hardened off.

I've had visitors to the blog announce themselves, welcome to everyone!  I'm glad to know people are either learning from or at least being entertained from my toiling around on the farm and this blog.  Other bloggers know that the interactivity with other folks is what makes this fun, the more the merrier as the saying goes.  

And just for fun, here's a random goat video.  Etsu (one of our bottle baby goats) is playing on a bale of hay my cousin Aaron is unrolling.  Aiko, the other bottle baby, unsuccessfully tries to join her.


Millie said...

I love the video! It is so like a goat to help with such a task.

Stevie Taylor said...

I just started hardening off, too. As I placed the plants on the deck that gets mostly morning to early afternoon sun, I told my kids "Now we must accustom the plants to the outdoors. Gradually. So the shock and stress doesn't kill them." Then we went to the zoo and returned 6 hours later, on a day when the outdoor temps reached 89 degrees. When the kids saw the wilted and flopped-over plants, they said "Hmmm, do they look stressed to you?" Arrggghh! Kudos to you for handling hardening off better than I did!

Duane Keys said...

Oh,they're always willing to help Millie!

Stevie, we've had some losses, the covering came loose in the wind and beat some of the plants up badly, but I think the majority have survived it!