Monday, March 8

Organic fertilizer

For the last several months we've slowly been building a giant pile of composting goat barn bedding and manure.  A couple weekends ago we hired a local farmer with a skid steer and a grapple bucket for a morning.  My grand plan was for him to take a scoop, travel to the pasture we wanted to spread the pile and load it in our manure spreader.  While he traveled back to the pile to get another load we would pull the spreader around and spread the organic goodness on the field.  The video below shows the spreader in action.  The view is from the bed of the truck as we go round the field.

I had it all worked out in my mind, except for the part where we would stop every round so I could get underneath it and fix it.  The skid steer operator got way ahead of us, and rather than have the loader sit idle I just had him make a pile.  In the end we gave up on using the manure spreader of ours, it needed more TLC than the skid steer operator had time to wait on.  So what we accomplished really was moving the pile from one field to another...  At least it was in the right field.

Then come some neighbors to the rescue.  They brought their spreader (which is PTO-driven) and their tractor and flung composted poop and straw all over the field, just the way we wanted it!

We only had enough of a pile to spread it nicely on half of the field, I'm interested to see how well that side does compared to the other. I'll post results as they become apparent.

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polly's path said...

curious to see how it works out for you. This is our first time as well using goat...compost to fertilize.