Tuesday, March 9

Dazey Churn

Dazey Churn
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I recently received an email requesting permission to publish this image in a book, in exchange I would get a copy of the book. I agreed.

The book is Homemade Living: Home Dairy, the third book in a series about local, sustainable foods. According to the author, the book will
"teach people how to make butter, yogurt, cheese, ice cream and more at home using local, organic ingredients."

I'm looking forward to getting my copy.


polly's path said...

what a comforting image. Thanks for sharing!!!
You should share some of your recipes, (unless you already have and I just need to look at archives)I am always up for testing new yogurt and cheese recipes.

Duane Keys said...

Jennifer does most of the cooking (and quite the cook she is). She rarely has a recipe, though...

Ozarkhomesteader said...

What a great old churn. It looks like a match to my nut chopper.

Duane Keys said...

This is actually an heirloom of a neighbors, I wrote about it first here: http://geekacres.blogspot.com/2009/02/butter-churnin.html