Friday, February 12


Gelleon looks like I feel about now "snow, go away already."  This photo is actually a few years old but we've still got snow patches here and there that have yet to melt.  Where it has melted is a soggy, sloppy, muddy mess. Mother Nature is not cooperating with my plans for completing the barn and the greenhouse whatsoever.

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting our first WWOOF volunteers. WWOOF stands for World Wide Organization of Organic Farmers.  We don't have much going in the way of produce during this time of the year but we did get some much needed help on some other projects around the farm.  The young couple that came were great people.  They lived an urban life previous to their WWOOFing but have had some valuable experiences they hope to take back to home and share with other urbanites.  The original plan had them staying for an extended stay but due to a family emergency they had to cut the visit short.  We definitely enjoyed having them and they told us they would tell other WWOOFers that our place is a great place to learn and the accommodations where better than they were used to.  One farm they volunteered at the had a shack with a "solar shower" and coleman camping stove, versus our guest bedroom and bath.  We have some other WWOOFers interested in coming and we're working out details now.  We hope we can pass on some useful knowledge to them as well.


polly's path said...

Look at all the snow!!!!
Send some our way!
The last time we had snow was in '78. But, they are predicting flurries maybe tonight! My camera is ready, pathetic or not!

Duane Keys said...

polly, that snow was a couple years ago. The snow we have now is much dirtier. :)