Tuesday, February 2

What do Groundhogs know anyway

Punxsutawney Phil predicted another 6 weeks of winter which puts off capturing images like this one for that much longer.  This photo was taken in the Spring of 2008.  That area is currently a muddy mess with a newly covered trench running right down the middle of it.  "It'll all be worth it" we keep telling ourselves while schlepping through the snowy/muddy mess to feed.  In the mean time I'll think of this image instead of what I see out there in the morning in recent days.

Tonight I brought home two new Nubian does, both in milk.  Jennifer found them on the internet with a relatively close distance.  We should have enough milk for the bottle babies and then some.  Hopefully the Udderly EZ milker comes in soon so I can help milk.  I still can't get my hands to get the right rhythm going.  Has anyone had any experience with the Udderly EZ?


karl said...

i read somewhere phil is only right something like 40% of the time.

Duane Keys said...

Well I sure hope he's wrong this time! :)