Monday, February 15

We've got our first seedlings of the year!  In the foreground are some cabbages and off in the blurry artistic distance are several different tomato varieties.

It seems like there's a renewed interest in gardening these days, of course no where near it once was. Consider the fact that victory gardens of World War II produced 40% of the produce for America...  That's an amazing percent and something that for many reason is saddening when compared today.  You don't need acres and acres of land to produce something healthy and nutritious and not to mention delicious.  Add to that the benefit to the personal economic difference growing some of your own food can make plus the benefit to the environment that eating locally provides it's a wonder gardening isn't more prevalent.

So what are you planning on growing in your garden this year?


Ozarkhomesteader said...

Beautiful seedlings! I'm afraid that a lot of people don't realize how successful victory gardens were and how little sunny land it takes to feed yourself. I see inspiration for a post coming . . . .

What varieties of cabbage are you growing?

Duane Keys said...

We've got Red Acre and Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage so far.

I look forward to more of your blog postings!