Monday, February 1

Trenching and Barn Project

We just got the trenches covered up before the most recent cold snap came.  That was just in time to avoid freezing the lines to the frost-free hydrants.  We installed four new hydrants at all the usual watering points including the greenhouse and we have one more to install inside the new barn.  We also dug trenches to run electricity to the new barn, the old garage, and the greenhouse.  It's extremley nice not to have to lug around hoses to water the animals and remember to drain them before they freeze.

When we started our barn project we had plans of dividing the space partly for goats and animals and the other for a workshop leaving the old garage to use for hay storage.  The old garage is just a pole barn with two garage door sized openings.  It has a myriad of things stored in it now including hay, garden tools, power tools, the lawn mower, as well as all of the feed and related things.  Our original plan with the new barn was to move all the feed and tools into a new feed room and a new shop area and keep the old garage for hay storage.  We thought hard on this and decided instead to just make the old garage a workshop, something that pleases me greatly.  We have already installed the new electrical sub-panel in the old garage (now officially known as the "shop").  Having a place to plug in lights or recharge a tool without dragging cords around is such a relief.  As the time and the budget allows we'll start pouring a concrete pad in there to make it even more functional.

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