Saturday, February 13

Starting Seeds

We started our seeds this last week.  In the photo Jennifer is watering the seedlings under the lights while the flats with tomatoes site atop the heat mats.  We're a little late in starting them this year and timing is getting pretty tight.  I was hoping to have the greenhouse finished by now but the weather has not cooperated with that plan (am I beginning to sound like a broken a record?).

We acquired several windows from Jennifer's brother in law, he recently replaced all the windows in their home with more energy efficient windows.  I plan on using some of these in the greenhouse end walls and the others to make some cold frames out of soon.

Did I mention I'm really tired of this weather?  I don't remember the last time we had such a wet winter.  Jennifer and I both got tired of slogging around in our El-Cheap-O rubber boots and bought a new pair for each of us from our feed store.  Jennifer purchased some Bogs and I got me a pair of Chore Boots by the Muck Boot Company.  Jennifer was amazed at how comfortable the Bogs were and that her feet stayed dry.  Unfortunately it did not last, the Bogs started leaking.  Our feed store is trying to get them fixed or replaced but in the meantime Jennifer is using a set of Chore Boots like I have.  She doesn't like them as well, she says they're not as comfortable.  I, however, think the Chore Boots are great.  It feels like wearing a slipper when compared to my old rubber boots, and my feet stay warm and dry.


Ozarkhomesteader said...

The weather just hasn't cooperated this year. I see we're both focused on seed starting this week.

By the way, whether by errant snow balls or some unusual pressure by the ice and snow, my glass cold frames have both not only cracked but gotten holes in them. I was grateful I had plexiglass left over from a greenhouse my father built to replace the glass on the cold frames.

polly's path said...

we were supposed to be planting our root veggies today but the weather didn't cooperate here eother-rain, rain, rain. Can't till when you have to "swim". Maybe tomorrow!

Duane Keys said...

Thanks for the tip on the glass Ozarkhomesteader, I'll have to reconsider my plan! I saw some plexiglass on craigslist... hmmmmmm. :)

polly's path: I can't imagine planting root crops here at this time... so. much. mud. yuck