Wednesday, February 10

New reading

I've stumbled upon some new blogs that I've added to my blogroll link on the left.  Be sure to check them out.

The Maaaaaa of Pricilla is a cute blog written by the "spokesgoat for Happy Goats Soap."  I liked the recent post on the 10 things that make this particular goat happy:

1. grain
2. apples
3. hay
4. my studmuffin
5. grain and apples together
6. the publicist
7. the male person
8. most of the other goats on the Farm
9. new kids on the Farm
10. scratches on my tail
Our goats would have a simliar list, though we think the goats refer to Jennifer as "Mom" and me as "Food Guy" and occassionally "Dad" when I'm scratching them just right.

I've also started following (and been visited by) the Ozark Homesteader who blogs about "frugal living, cooking, gardening, organics, and the outdoors."  Be sure to check out their extensive recipes!

Polly's Path chronicles ""a 30-something, hybrid-driving, girl-raising, husband-loving, organic-living, animal-rescuing, beach-walking, canoing, yoga-loving, outdoors-enjoying earth muffin" and her animals and family.  Jennifer and I got a good laugh (because we've been there) when reading a recent post "This Ain't Funny, Sister!"  China, one of their goats is due to kid any day, no minute, and has a sense of humor about it.

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