Thursday, February 4

Kid Warmer

I know I found this idea somewhere on the internet, but upon searching again I'm unable to find the link.  If this was your idea and you want to claim it, let me know, I want to give credit where it's due.

I've built several of these "kid warmers" since our first kidding season.  They're made of recycled plastic 55-gallon drums.  Our local farm supply keeps a good stock of them.  The ones I pick out are food-grade, usually holding soy sauce or bbq sauce it it's former life.  They come washed out but I like to wash em out a little further.  They are simple to construct, just use a jigsaw to cut a door opening and an opening for the can light.  There is some simple wiring to be done on the can light and you need to be sure to fasten the warmer to something sturdy, we just tie them to the wall.  Goats see anything elevated as a challenge to their climbing skills!  I use a 125 watt heat bulb which is safely recessed in the can light and a little straw in the bottom for a nice cozy retreat from the cold.

In the video are 5 of our most recent arrivals, 2 doelings and 3 bucklings.  In related news our crop from last year is maturing and turning out very nice.  We have some goats for sale on our Southwest Missouri Boer Goat site, please take a look around. We're quite proud of the quality goats we've raised!  Pictured here is one of the doelings for sale, Harmony Hill Lotus.


polly's path said...

Stumbled on your blog. I am a recently country-fied city girl living on a small organic farm in GA. We have a small herd of goats and our Tennessee Fainter is due to kid any day now. We have never had goat babies, although we have rescued dogs and cats on the farm and I have assisted with many dog and cat deliveries over the years. We are total amateurs when it comes to goats, but love them dearly, regardless. I have read every book I could get my hands on, and searched every site for tips and information on kidding. I think we are ready.
Our weather was really warm over the weekend, still no babies. Here is to hoping China will decide to make our day and... kid, already!

Ozarkhomesteader said...

What beautiful goats!

Duane Keys said...

polly's path: I'm glad you found us! My wife and I are getting a big kick out of your blog. I hope China relievers for you soon!

Ozarkhomesteader: Thank you, we've got some spoiled goats on the place! :)

Anonymous said...

I posted on How to build the kid warmers you have, I cant take credit for the idea, a friend had one built out of a trash can , but I found the drums for free , and they work better. Nice blog , reading about victory gardens is what got me started in gardening.

Duane Keys said...

Hey Anon, I'm happy to provide a link back, I wasn't able to find it on goat wisdom though (at least this last search attempt).

Barbie Chiu said...

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