Wednesday, February 17

Good Wether

I'm tired of talking about bad weather... I give you a good wether:

This is Bugsy, aka Bugs, Bug Bug, Buggles, Mr. Bug, Chuger, Bugerific, etc. (For some reason I always give lots of nicknames to our animals.)  He is one of the two wethers we have. A wether is a castrated male goat.  Bugs and Gander came to us as bottle baby goats.  They serve no good purpose other than to entertain us and make us happy.  In turn they'll live their lives out as pets getting the best care we can afford to give while hanging out with all the girl goats and hopefully that makes them happy too.

Bugs is just as laid back as a goat comes.  In the video he's sitting, chewing his cud while wearing my ball cap; nothing phases the Bug-man.  He's got his own way about him.  He doesn't walk any where.  Instead he's got kind of a jive with his head just bobbing back and forth and a pace and rhythm that says, "it's cool man, it's cool..."  He just saunters about, to and fro, checking out this bale of hay, checking on what the other goats are doing.  He's very affection goat as well, he likes to get hugs and a good scratching and has on more than one occasion fallen asleep with his head in a one of our laps.


polly's path said...

Sounds like he is related to our two wethers-Oatmeal and Starling: "Whatever, dude. I am just happy to be watching the human kid kick ball, chewing cud, and bee-bopping around with my floppy ears blowing in the wind. Yup, I am a dog."

Duane Keys said...

They must be long lost cousins! Except bug think's he's a person ;)

Jennifer said...

Bugsy is too cute! I bet him and our spoiled lap doe Peeps would get along as long as she didn't try to take his cap and he didn't try to take her spot on someone's lap. LOL