Tuesday, February 16

An 18 Second Tour

Last summer I finally got around to fixing a leak in the roof on the high side of the chimney.  While I was up there I shot this 360 degree view of our farm.  In the beginning I'm looking to the north east across the buck pen, you can see a few of our raised beds after that.  Where the stock trailer is sitting is where the new barn will go.  The galvanized metal building near the house at the 0:05 mark in the video is my future workshop.  At the 0:10 mark in the video is our existing loafing shed that we've retrofitted as the current goat barn.

On a completely unrelated note I think I've finally got the chickens to lay their eggs in the nesting boxes I built instead of other random places on the farm.  We actually stopped collecting eggs for a long time since we never knew where they were laying them.  If you recall I built a tunnel of fence for the chickens that allows them to "free-range."  I honestly can't tell that free range eggs taste any different, but at least now I can harvest them.  Each time I would find a cache of eggs it was always in a pile of straw or hay.  Of course there's no telling how long they were there so I always discarded them.

In the chicken house we have always used cedar shavings.  It helps to keep it smelling fresh but I just recently realized I should probably fill the nesting boxes with straw, since that's what they seem to prefer (at least over cedar shavings).  Lo and behold I've been collecting anywhere from 4 eggs to 9 eggs a day now.  I think chickens like to have some privacy when they're doing their business.  Egg inventory is now through the roof (there's 4 dozen in the fridge).  I better find some people to take em!


Fritz Nordengren said...

Thanks for the 360 -- its always great to be able to have a view like this, thanks for sharing. MY layer and ducks stopped laying in December, hoping they start again soon. I miss the shelf of fresh eggs and hate paying the store prices.

Fritz - SmallFarmLife.com

Ozarkhomesteader said...

Great tour!

I see people advertising their eggs on little signs at the pharmacy. Others sell them at work. I get mine from a neighbor's friend, from our local health food store (who get them in trade for other products), and from a co-worker. I hope you have good luck selling yours!

Duane Keys said...

Fritz, thanks I think I'll try to do more of these videos as time goes on.

I think the heat lamp that I've placed in the chicken house might being have some effect on egg production. I have it on a thermostat so it only comes on if it approaches freezing, which lately is all the time!

Ozarkhhomesteader, thanks for the tips! We haven't really tried any advertising yet, I'm sure I can sell them at the office, I just haven't tried really hard yet.