Wednesday, January 28


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Pictured here is Jiminy and his twin sister (in the background) Cricket bouncing towards the camera. Baby goats are so cute when they're playing.

Sadly we lost Jiminy yesterday to what we believe was CDT. It was pretty traumatic for Jennifer and me. We were confident that we were doing everything right: vaccinating, controlling food intake, etc. We've been told we have to expect some losses even with vaccines and vigilant care, but that doesn't stop the guilt and "what ifs."

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Leslie said...

Oh, Duane, I'm so sorry. Even though you do your best some are just not going to make it. When it happens to someone else I can remember that it's probably for the best in the long run, because you don't want weak genetics in your herd. But when it happens to me I forget that and can only wonder if there might have been something else I could have done.