Monday, November 17

As previously mentioned a few local goat ranchers have gotten together to start to combine marketing efforts. We're still adding content and getting the site set up, so check back often!

Saturday, November 15


We don't have any of our own kids yet, nor are the they kind of kids people typically think of. Picture here is a baby goat of Carter Farms of Dadeville. Cute, eh?!
We've got the buck here now to breed our goats, which puts us "kidding out" sometime in April. Life has been busy lately with the construction of a new small goat barn, new pens for goats, and the partial closing in of our three-sided hay barn.
Jennifer had been struggling with a name for our farm, something to put on a business card when selling goats in the future. Her friend, Carol, came to visit recently. She's quite good a coming up with creative names. During her visit she watched Jennifer in the pasture with the flock of chickens, the herd of goats, and the horse all peacefully existing. She told Jennifer later it was very harmonious sight and the name Harmony Hill was born. I guess it's maybe a bit better than Geek Acres. In any case, the blog will remain Geek Acres, but for goat and other farm product marketing purposes it's Harmony Hill.
We have also teamed up with a couple other local goat ranches to combine our marketing efforts and we'll be launching a new website soon. Stay tuned for more information on that.

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