Tuesday, August 19

Delta Smelta

Delta Smelta
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Jennifer is pictured here petting one of the newest residents of Geek Acres. Delta, or Delta Smelta as I like to call her, is one of the six Boer percentage goats calling our farm home. With all new two by four inch square fencing all around the farm the goats should be safe and secure.

There are lots of misconceptions about goats like that they'll eat anything or that they stink. These inaccuracies are mostly perpetuated by pop-culture and urban (or is it rural) myths. A goat that is not properly cared for (read: hungry) probably will eat anything, just to survive. Does do not stink, though a buck can. We'll only lease a buck long enough to breed our does.

We've really enjoyed having the goats. They've got great personalities and like a good scratching. Delta (Delta Smelta), Smokey (Smokely Dokely), Annie (Annie-mal) have been with us for about six weeks now. A couple weeks ago Jennifer acquired three new goats, Lola, Glitter, and Sparkle. They're currently in separate pastures but we'll combine the herds soon. Lola is nursing a leg injury at the moment and we don't want the bigger goats pushing her around.


T.Bird said...

Gotta tell you, I'm partial to goats. They are so easy to get along with and they can be so much fun to watch. We've had several that let us know when they want attention and they do love their animal crackers and cheerios!

Duane Keys said...

I'll be sure to menu the animal crackers and cheerios to Jennifer, and see if she'll "authorize" me to try them on our goats!

We're becoming very partial to goats as well. They are fun to watch and they're becoming more vocal each day.