Friday, August 22


I've not been posting updates on our garden like I hoped this year.
Tis lack of updates is mostly due to time constraints and the fact
that the produce is moving so quickly at farmer's markets. Pictured
Here some of what I collected last nhght.

Tuesday, August 19

Chicken Tunnel

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I made a tunnel of fence that connects the chicken enclosure to the rest of the pasture. Now our chickens have the full run of all our fenced-in pasture along with the goats and the horse! It's quite a sight to see when Jennifer walks in the pasture with a horse, goats, and chickens following along. I think the chickens are much happier now that they're "free range" of sorts. Pictured here some of the hens and goats are mingling out by the round-pen.

The chickens are good at finding the places to escape, showing me the weak spots in our fence, though they only usually escape one at a time and spend the rest of the time trying to figure out how to get back to the flock. Every few days or so I'll have to spend five minutes trying to catch a stressed hen to put her back with the flock.

I have had to change my morning chore routine a bit because of the chickens new freedom. I used to let the chickens out of the house first since they've been cooped up all night (pun unintended). But after the chickens learned the goats are fed a bit of grain in the morning the first thing they do is make a mad chicken-waddling dash to the goats for some of the goat's grain. It's a pretty funny scene to see 20+ chickens in an all out sprint, wings half spread and heads just bobbin' back and forth as fast as their legs will take them. Only one of the goats makes and effort to push the chickens out of their feed. The other two simply watch the chickens peck like mad. I've resorted to keeping the chickens locked up just a bit longer to give the goats a chance to have some breakfast.

Delta Smelta

Delta Smelta
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Jennifer is pictured here petting one of the newest residents of Geek Acres. Delta, or Delta Smelta as I like to call her, is one of the six Boer percentage goats calling our farm home. With all new two by four inch square fencing all around the farm the goats should be safe and secure.

There are lots of misconceptions about goats like that they'll eat anything or that they stink. These inaccuracies are mostly perpetuated by pop-culture and urban (or is it rural) myths. A goat that is not properly cared for (read: hungry) probably will eat anything, just to survive. Does do not stink, though a buck can. We'll only lease a buck long enough to breed our does.

We've really enjoyed having the goats. They've got great personalities and like a good scratching. Delta (Delta Smelta), Smokey (Smokely Dokely), Annie (Annie-mal) have been with us for about six weeks now. A couple weeks ago Jennifer acquired three new goats, Lola, Glitter, and Sparkle. They're currently in separate pastures but we'll combine the herds soon. Lola is nursing a leg injury at the moment and we don't want the bigger goats pushing her around.