Thursday, June 19

Storm damage

This is one of three trees blown over in the Frisco building parking
lot at Chestnut and 65.

Tuesday, June 3

Driving with an Accent

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Fueling the F-150 for the drive to work and back was becoming a significant expense, so as of Friday we parked the F-150 in the drive, relegated to pulling the trailer and other duties suited to the V8. When we bought the Truck in 2004 it was averaging nearly $0.10 a mile to drive. Today it runs over $0.25 a mile. With a 60 mile commute it was adding up fast.

In it's place we bought this little car, a 2002 Hyundai Accent, and I will be using it as my daily driver. It's a no frills base model with hail damage but she'll do the job!

It's a bit different driving when compared to the truck. The most obvious is the height and size difference. With my seat this low to the ground 55 mph seems quite fast, this psychologically helps offset the noticeable difference in power. The amenities and comfort level are different as well but for the savings I'll suffer through it.