Friday, May 23

In Bloom

in bloom
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This colorful medley of plants borders our driveway and front yard area. Jennifer was happy to see the Iris blooms this year as last year a late freeze had destroyed the fragile buds. Also pictured is a Knockout Rose (about center), Evening Primrose (the pink flower on the right), and Yarrow (the yellow flowers in the foreground). Also peeking out in the background are the purple flowers of the May Night variety of Salvia.

We began our Memorial Day weekend early this year. I have vacation time and know how to use it! I've taken Thursday and Friday of this week off and will be back in the office on Tuesday of next week.

Last weekend we hauled in 3 cubic yards of compost and quickly used it all up in the vegetable garden. Yesterday we used my dad's dump trailer and hauled in another 6 cubic yards. That ought to last my wife a couple more days! ;)

The vegetable garden is coming along nicely and Jennifer is having good success at the farmer's markets "in spite of herself," she says. I plan on taking some photos today. The heirloom and organic herbs are selling quite well and this weekend some unique varieties of lettuce and radish will be ready for market. Stop by the Willard Community Farmer's Market and pick some up this Saturday!

The rest of the weekend will be interspersed with fence building, irrigation system installation, hay hauling, outdoor grilling, lawn mowing, and some occasional relaxation.


Leslie said...

Yay! You're back!
How far is it to the farmer's market? I briefly considered participating in ours but it's 20 miles one way. I'm not ready to commit that amount of travel/setup time and gas money yet. Too many other irons in the fire. But it's intriguing!

Duane Keys said...

It's about 15 miles to both of the farmer's market Jennifer sells at... So far it's been pretty rewarding for her.

Christina said...

Flowers look great! Can't wait until I get to plant what I want again (rather than what shows well for selling a house).