Sunday, May 4

Hot/Cold/Green House

mini greenhouse
Originally uploaded by duanekeys
I built this structure the other day... If you decide to build one, wait for the wind to die down to save yourself some frustration. I'm not sure if this is a hot-house, a cold-frame, or a mini green house. In any case it's supposed to somehow help all these little plants (you'll have to ask my wife).

To construct it I used 2x8's in fastened together in a simple rectangle. On one side I stapled weed fabric. For the hoops I attached 10' long half-inch CPVC. It was more flexible than regular half-inch PVC. We stretched plastic over the hoops and stapled through cardboard, through the plastic, and into the wooden frame. To keep the plastic from coming off the ends I used some alligator clips and rope to keep tension on the plastic from within.

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