Sunday, May 4

Back Yard View

back yard view
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Jennifer's back yard creation is starting to come together. You can see a few of the raised beds she created in the back/side yard. She has just recently finished the Missouri Master Gardener's classes (way to go, honey!). Jennifer's a go-getter and has already put in all the required volunteer time for the year! One of her classmates scoffed at her suggestion of planting in raised beds consisting of nothing but compost. Behold the evidence presented here. Take a look at more photos of plants here.

So far this year we've had to scramble to protect all these plants (and more) from frost damage on three separate occasions. Hopefully we're done with that! (Audible sound of knocking on wood)

Look close at the photo and you can see Scarface the rooster, as well as Des our Percheron mare. Scarface is of course so-named for the Great Chicken Massacre of 2007, of which Scarface survived, sans one eye. We've been diligently closing the chicken door at night and have managed to keep the flock number steady. In fact our recent arrivals (25 new chicks) now call half of the chicken house home. I divided the house in half to let the little ones acclimate to the outside temperatures. We keep a heat lamp in one side in case they get cold. I haven't had a chance to get back to the hair-brained idea of an automated chicken door. I do still imagine it coming to fruition one day.


Betsy said...

Hey Jennifer & Duane I met a Master Gardner.. Christine.. (I cant think of her last name right now. Anyway she lives down the street and she said she knows Jennifer. We were wanting to come out and look at your place.. it looks beautiful! She said that she was going to email Jennifer soon.
Good job, everything looks awesome!

Leslie said...

Post something!
Sheesh, you'd think it's springtime and you're busy or something :)