Monday, April 7


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Brown egg layers were selling for minimum of $15 a piece at the Bolivar Sale Barn a couple weekends ago. We want to ramp back up our egg production so instead of spending big money on bigger birds, Jennifer picked up some smaller birds for less from Estes Hatchery. We were down to six hens and a rooster after some predator attacks and giving some away.


Leslie said...

$15 apiece for brown egg layers? Wow!

Well, it seems like a lot but when you consider the incubation and several months of feeding and caring for the little buggers, I guess that's not so outrageous.

I like your blog! We're techno-geeks in the country, too (by choice). I got here from Pablo's Round Rock Journal.

Duane Keys said...

Hey thanks for stopping by. I'm going to try to be a regular blogger again! Hopefully there's content to follow on a regular basis.