Friday, March 28

Green house parts

green house parts
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It may not look like much but it sure made my wife happy. Jennifer, my parents, and I went to visit my aunt and uncle in Illinois a few weekends ago. They had two green houses that they said we could have it we come take them down. They're each about 20 x 40 feet in size.

We arrived late on a Friday night after making the 6 hour drive. On Saturday we awoke to snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. This was no matter for us though, we came prepared with warm clothes and power tools. An pneumatic impact wrench made short work of the rust bolts and nuts. We were able to take the two green houses completely down and load them securely on the trailer in about 10 hours. Not too bad for a bunch of amateurs. The area behind the pile of metal in the picture is where one of the greenhouses will go.

In a previous post snapped a picture of a plant auction and you can see some of those pots in the background above. Jennifer is already busy tending and preparing these plants for sale. We plan on hitting some of the farmers markets and perhaps an auction or two once the plants have developed. Longer term Jennifer is starting a new venture growing heirloom vegetables as organically as possible. There seems to be a lot of excitement and interest in this market, hopefully the hard work will pay off. In the mean time, Jennifer is finishing up her master gardener's program and has been enjoying it immensely.