Monday, January 14

Mr. Mellon

Mr. Mellon
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I rarely call any of our animals by their given names, unless they're in trouble. Gelleon, pictured here, had to go to the vet today. We came home from a trip to the feed store to find a glass casserole dish shattered on the kitchen floor.

Gelleon was bleeding from his mouth. We called the vet who told us that it's a rather common thing to hear about and to feed the dogs wadded up balls of bread to help coat any small pieces they might have eaten. Mr. Mellon couldn't keep the bread down and kept gagging, so off to the vet he went. Dr. Mozier examined him and observed him for most of the day. He was sent home with some prescription dog food.

He seems to be all right now, but we'll going to have to be extra careful with what we leave on the counters.

Stuff like this always happens when I take the day off from work.


Betsy said...

He is such a pretty dog

t.bird said...

Kids, pets, they all have a way of throwing a monkey wrench in to things. My days off rarely go as planned.

I'm glad "Mr. Mellon" is going to be ok.

Duane Keys said...

There doesn't seem to be any lasting effects. Mr. Mellon is feeling just fine.