Friday, November 16

Ford 600

Ford 600
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My dad, ever the bargain hunter, found this tractor at an auction. He couldn't pass up the deal, knowing we're "farming" with out a tractor to call our own and bought it for us. He got a heck of a deal. The tractor is a Ford 600 series. I'm not yet sure on the exact model (I haven't yet seen it in-person as the tractor is having a tune up at the moment at the shop) but it does have a 3-point hitch and a PTO. From my initial research I've learned that this tractor was probably manufactured in the 50's and from the pictures my dad took, it looks to be most if not completely original. I've toyed with the idea of restoring it to it's former glory.

On the homestead we've been clearing fence lines. Fifteen years of neglect has let some nasty brush grow up in the line, making it difficult to maintain. The honey locust trees are horrible pains to remove, especially when they've grown so close together. We're actually considering running some goats on part of the pasture. Which reminds me I need to pick up the goat books I reserved at the library,,,

The rooster and flock are doing well. No more raccoon incidents. Scarface, as I'm calling the rooster, has even returned to his crowing (despite missing an eye and just looking plain ugly).

Jennifer recently rode in a dressage clinic and was very encouraged by the clinicians comments. It makes me happy to see her happy about her progress and accomplishments.


Hal said...

If that 600 series tractor is anything like our Ford 8N tractor, any money you put into restoring it will be a great investment. It looks similar to ours (I'd show you a picture if I had one) and I imagine there's not too many differences. The 8N is apparently one of the models that came before the 600 (late 40s vs early 50s). Our 8N was always my favorite tractor in our fleet (of 3) and while it's needed some work now and then, it still hasn't shown any serious signs of slowing down.

Woody said...

Everything Hal said...I always felt the older Ford tractors are so easy to work on. If it's not 12 volt I would convert it though. It sure helps on colder mornings. They are a good looking tractor too. I really like the design/look of them. Just a classic look.


Duane Keys said...

Is it acceptable practice to restore a tractor but also convert it to 12-volt?

hillbilly2be said...
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Anonymous said...

Go here to see what it is.
Its prob. a 660

Got one and love it