Thursday, November 8

Dressage Saddle Lessons

We are absolutely having a heck of a time finding a dressage saddle for to fitDes. I never before considered the fact that a saddle should fit the horse's back in addition to it's rider's butt.

Jennifer has been training in dressage at Taura while leasing a horse that is stabled there. The horse's owner is graciously letting Jennifer use her saddle. Of course this saddle wouldn't even come close to fitting Des.

We found a good quality saddle locally, used, but it won't fit either. Other than that, we've been out of luck on the local scene. We used craigslist and found one in Deleware that is her size. We saw a few pictures and the price was decent, so we ordered away. Upon getting it, Jennifer noticed that there was a large "bump" on the saddle, right where her legs would be. She hasn't had a chance to try it out yet, but is sure that it's going to bother her and her horse. That's bad. After some research I learned that it's actually the stirrup bars, which is under the skirt of the dressage saddle. The bars on the saddle she's used to are recessed, and reduce the bump in the skirt.

Now we know. And maybe someone else getting into the dressage sport will find this on a search and learn from our mistake!

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On the Bit said...

I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to offer some advise. I have been riding dressage many years (most of those unscuessfully:P) but I have learned a lot about saddles. There are 3 major brands of saddles that are toally adjestable to the horse. For example you can buy a passier that fits you great but is not even close to fitting your horse. That is not a big deal because a saddle fitter can come out and take out the tree and put a new one in, re-adjust the flockings etc. Schleese also does that and they have saddle fitters that travel all across the country so chances are they should come at least kind of close by. The other brand is a Hennig and they are very expensive. I would recomend your wife try a passier grand gilbert. Those tend to run about $1,200 used (don't die of a heart attack...think of it as an investment) and it tends to be a good fitting saddle for most people. Just some random advise from a stragner...take it for what it is worth.