Monday, October 8

Dobie Do

Dobie Do
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We had a rough week last week. We learned that Dobie has cardiomyopathy, an enlarging and weakening of the heart. We were told our sweet boy only has at most 6 months to live. We've got him on medicine, a special diet, and lots of TLC. We're making the most of every moment until that fateful day comes.

Dobie's life has been all about beating the odds... We're hoping that continues!


pablo said...

Our little Sheltie, Max, is starting to show signs of an approaching end. We're is a similar predicament. I guess I know how you feel. That's the trouble with pets: saying good bye.

Duane Keys said...

Thanks for the sympathy pablo. We're not ready to say good bye just yet, and it seems Dobie is feeling much better, so maybe he's not ready either.