Sunday, October 21

Poor guy

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We've had a varmit problem recently that's forced us to start closing the door to the chicken house each night at dusk. I open the door before I leave for work, which recently corresponds to just after dawn. Last week I discovered one of the chickens didn't make it back into the house before I closed the door and was killed on the door step of the chicken house. I felt bad about accidentally leaving one out and her getting eaten.

The following evening Jennifer and I failed to close the door right at dusk, and four more chickens suffered at the hands of what can only be raccoons. Unfortunately, our lone rooster was mauled pretty bad. I think I caught the varmits in the act when I went out to close the door. The rooster 's still around and feels well enough to do us, uh, ahem, "roosterly" duties, despite half of his face missing. We just can bring ourselves to put him out of his misery and I don't think our vet will do a rooster euthanasia.

Thursday, October 18

Too late

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Last night a series of storms traveled Northeast, sliding just south of us. Jennifer, the dogs, and myself waited it out the basement. When the reports had the storm past us we came up to see a tornado on the horizon to the east of us. I was about 5 seconds too late to capture the funnel cloud... No damage or injuries on the home front.

Monday, October 8

Dobie Do

Dobie Do
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We had a rough week last week. We learned that Dobie has cardiomyopathy, an enlarging and weakening of the heart. We were told our sweet boy only has at most 6 months to live. We've got him on medicine, a special diet, and lots of TLC. We're making the most of every moment until that fateful day comes.

Dobie's life has been all about beating the odds... We're hoping that continues!