Tuesday, September 11

Running by

running by
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It seems like the summer has been a mad dash. Couple time constraints with a lack of creative urges beyond the day to day and you'll get long periods with out blog posts.

Aaron, my 15 year old cousin, spent the summer with us. We had a good time and now he's back with his grandparents and has started his first year at Central High School.

Jennifer came to the difficult decision to sell Socks, our Sport-Pony Dressage Horse hopeful. Socks was approaching three years in age and had not yet received the training she needed to reach her potential. Jennifer sold her to Laura Alms, owner of a dressage training facility in southwest Missouri. There socks will have a chance to train and develop in the sport of dressage, instead of remaining a pasture ornament.

Jennifer found a video on Youtube of an amazing freestyle dressage performance. This amazing display of horsemanship and training makes the horse dance!

We're in the middle of working with another local horse trainer to break Des (pictured) to ride. Time and other pressing priorities have prevented us from progressing her training as well.

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