Friday, August 24


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This is what 12.64" inches of rain in just a few hours will do to a country driveway. Last weekend the town of Walnut Grove and our home experienced flash flood conditions. The fast moving water washed huge sections of our driveway away. Pictured here is a section close to the house, it was worse towards the road. The best way I can describe it is that it looked like an aerial view of the grand canyon. I added my keys for scale in the lower right hand corner of the picture here.

Thankfully, our neighbors took it upon themselves to dump some rock on our driveway that they had left-over from repairing their driveway and spread it out for us.

Saturday, August 4

Pictures are worth...

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My previous attempts at showing the landscaping were less than good. Here's a better shot of the fruits of some of our work this summer. More can be seen in my flickr stream. The heat lately is horrid. But most of the hard outdoor work is done. The biggest worry is over: the barn is full of hay. Turns out our barn will hold about 400 bales of hay. Perfect for two horses eating less than a bale a day total. We don't have to worry about getting hay until the same time next year.