Monday, June 18


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I thought at least one of my readers would enjoy this picture...

Semi-monthly update

I removed the previous post that contained the embeded slideshow. I'm not sure what I was thinking doing so for the bandwidth deprived or high-latency blessed such as myself. Instead I'll feature a picture or two from the Fourth Annual Walnut Grove Pickin in the park. The event featured 11 blue grass or country bands. All the proceeds from the event go to the O'Sullivan Lodge #7 charity fund, which puts money right back into the local community.

Pictured at right are the Blue Mountain Classics. This group had quite the following in the 70's. The story goes that someone offered to build them a theater when Branson only had two theathers. They all had day jobs after all! They consider this event an annual reunion show.

I met a couple other local photographers as well and we traded notes and tried out some new techniques with our combined gear. I'm looking forward to collaborating with them more in the future.

Life on the farm has been busy. My cousin, Aaron, has moved in for the summer. We're having a good time and getting some things done as well. We desperately need to take some time for a recreational outing. Can anyone recommend a good river float in these parts that isn't too congested or a mini Mardi Gras?

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