Friday, April 13

Spring teaser

Kite flying
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This photo was taken in late March when it appeared Spring was here to stay. Pictured is our neighbor's granddaughter, Brianne. In the background are the woods to the north of our home. (I was able to get both a family member and the woods for my faithful reader Dianne!).

Since this photo was taken we've had a cold snap that has ruined lots of crops that were fooled by the spring tease as well. During that snap we were covering and uncovering plants that we had recently planted. Jennifer works at Hilltop Gardens in Ash Grove and gets a deal on plants. She jokes that since she spent so much time there I just said she should ask them for a job.

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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

I always enjoy looking at the pictures you post. You have become quite the expert on lighting techniques, and it shows in your photographs.