Monday, April 2

Rick, rack, chord


Creating this type of structure is something that I've been spending quite a bit of time on. I haven't yet measured how much wood we have, but there are several stacks like the one shown above strategically placed through out the farm. Strategically placed in this case was some place close to where the wood had fallen and was subsequently cut.

Firewood should pretty much be a commodity item in these parts next year, but in the event you find yourself negotiating a price for firewood, you should be familiar with the different terms used to describe they quantities. A "chord" of wood is 128 cubic feet of neatly and tightly stacked wood. No more no less. A rick or a rack usually describes one sliver of a chord, but to me, is a useless measurement since the wood lengths in the stack vary depending upon who cut it. I found this site to have a good explanation of the measurements.
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pablo said...

I once made a cut wood pile between two large trees. It stacked nicely there between them. Then a groundfire came through the forest and burned up all of my dried wood -- and scorched the trees badly too.


Duane Keys said...

Not exactly what you had in mind for firewood! :)

Anonymous said...

I believe a 'chord' has something to do with music ... a 'cord', on the other hand, is a measurement of wood.