Tuesday, April 10

Call out

Coy Dan
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I've learned I have some regular readers that enjoy keeping up on the goings-on in our neck of the country. Coy Dan and Glenda said a few of their more internet-saavy family members are frequent readers of my blog. I hope they've enjoyed reading about our adventures and the many lessons Coy Dan and Glenda have taught us.

Coy Dan had no idea what types of of stories I was telling about him. I think he thought I was poking fun at him and his country ways. Any of my readers know that's not true however. I'd like to encourage any anonymous folks to come forth and identify yourselves, especially if you're related to the fellow pictured here. Reading and responding to comments is half the fun of this blog!


Anonymous said...

Hey Duane,
I just recently started reading your blog & I love it. I love your pictures and I love the fact that you live on a farm. Who would've ever thought that the guy I used to try to cheat off of in math class would end up living on a farm! I'm glad to hear things are going so well for you! I've wondered where you ended up for several years now and finally Sean told me about this blog. Niki

Duane Keys said...

Hey Niki! Glad to hear from you. I figured it would be a surprise to most of my old classmates! While Jennifer and I love living on the farm, be sure that I get my daily dose of techie/geek stuff during the day at work!