Tuesday, April 10

Answers to queries

Traffic on this blog is nothing spectacular, but I do get some interesting search queries. I'll try to address some of them as best as I can here:

horses hurting themselves with round bale feeders: Well I don't have any direct experience with this, but I have learned horses will do the damnedest things. Last year I went out to feed and found we were one horse short. I eventually found that Eve had wedged herself between the back of the barn and the barbed wire fence. She was going after some tasty plants for sure. She managed to squeeze herself past several tree trunks, which sprung back in place, holding her in. This episode was proof positive of the calm nature of the Percheron breed. She just stood there while Coy Dan helped us cut the fence away to free her.

guineas and chickens together: I have sad news to report for some: we gave the guineas away. Our guineas did in fact coexist with the chickens quite well. We grew tired, however, of their constant squawking, and the rooster of the bunch started flying after Jennifer. The last straw came when Jennifer found them taking a dust bath in one of her flower beds. They went to a good home however, neighbor Bob loved hearing them, so now they're at his place!

why do the amish have rocks in wires cornering their property? This is an excellent question, and by no means am I an expert on Amish folk or their fencing techniques. I can tell you though that fence corners made of wire filled with rock are not unique to the Amish. This area of the country has some very rocky soil. Driving around our rural area you'll spot pile after pile of rocks that have been picked off the fields for generations. Some people choose to create corners out of the rocks, I would guess, simply to put them to use. Plus I would think it makes for a pretty good stationary object to stretch fence against.

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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Sorry to hear that you had to give up the guineas. They're my favorites, however I have to admit that they can be extremely noisy at times.

pablo said...

Those rocks in wire corners are pretty commonplace up by my woods.