Thursday, February 22

Growing bittles

Growing bittles
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The bittles have done some growing up since I last posted about them. We ended up keeping two of the 6 kittens out of the litter. Two different people I work with took 3 of them and a local person took another. After the holidays passed we figured our chances of giving them away were limited.

The two left we named Spits and Oliver. Spits was always hissing and spitting at us when we approached, but he's gotten over that. We had a tought time catching Oliver when they were smaller and living basement. Now all three (the two kittens and momma cat) have made the barn, and the whole farm really, their domain. Both Spits and Oliver have warmed up to us. Spits no longer spits and and Oliver will come up to us purring. Their momma is quite the accomplished hunter. Jennifer has seen her carrying off many prey, from mice and rats to moles.

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